What is Life on State?


Life on State involves everyone to build a desirable urban district to live, work, and play. Salt Lake City and South Salt Lake are working together for positive change as our region continues to grow and change. Everyone can have a voice.

Life on State explores 4 major topics:

  1. Safety:  How can we work together to make State Street safer 24-7?
  2. Mobility:  How can we make State Street better for everyone traveling– by car, foot, transit?
  3. Business:  How can businesses unite to become a more successful and appealing district?
  4. Living:  How can State Street be more livable and human-scaled and help more people move into this neighborhood?

Why is the project needed?


State Street is a major transportation and business corridor with a history as Utah’s original state highway. But the street and neighborhood today have many challenges. There is potential for many positive changes as today’s urban revitalization changes this neighborhood. State Street can be a “Signature Street” that is a gateway to our capitol city and a safe, memorable destination of its own for people to live, work and play. 


About the project

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