Imagine State Street Corridor 

In this interactive activity, workshop participants stated their priorities for the location of new housing and business, community centers and services, and infrastructure upgrades along the State Street corridor. They did so by placing “Chips”, or stickers, on a map of the area in places where they saw the greatest opportunity for positive change. People worked and collaborated together around 20 tables, and the main takeaways were that people wanted to see:

More Green!

  • Parks & Open Space, Street Trees, Landscaped Medians

Higher quality bike & ped infrastructure

  • Protected Bike Lanes, Pedestrian Lighting, Pedestrian Refuges, New Crossings

Traffic calming & General Traffic Safety improvements

  • Traffic Calming, Safety Improvements

Workshop participants were asked to place development chips (or stickers) on the map to indicate opportunities areas.

Workshop participants also placed transportation chips (or stickers) on the base map to indicate opportunities for infrastructure upgrades.