Design your State Street!

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Step 1

Go to 


Step 2

Click on "Unnamed St" and type in the cross section your design should be located on State Street. 


Step 3

IMPORTANT: Change the width of your street to 132 feet (or 39.6 meters). Do not change the width of the street.


Step 4

DESIGN YOUR STREET! Move around different street elements, add new elements, and change the width and design of your elements. 


Step 5

Share your design with us! There are two ways you can share...

  1. Share using Twitter: Click on the "Share" drop-down menu on the upper right corner of the page, click "Share using Twitter", and include our twitter handle (@Life_on_State) and hashtag #MyStateStreet in your tweet.
  2. Save your street as an image and email it to [email]. 



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